You might be an adult when….

A lot of people think that you automatically become an adult when you are 18, but my definition of an adult is a lot more strict.

You might be an adult if you have ever said “I was wrong.” without the threat of a belt.

If you know that you and your significant other are not the center of the universe you might be an adult.

If you view the money given to you during hard times a loan even if your parents are doing the giving you might be an adult.

If you view public assistance as a temporary hand up, to get away from as soon as humanly possible, you might be an adult.

If you realize you don’t know it all, and are willing to learn from others you might be an adult.

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One thought on “You might be an adult when….

  1. When/If you realize being an adult isn’t a number in years, it’s when you accept responsibility for your life and your actions. Accept responsibility and try to change your circumstances, rather than complain about them.

    If/When you becoming a contributing member to your home/society. If you are unemployed, look for a job; If you can’t find a job – volunteer. If you have physical disabilities, research them and find a way to improve your health to it’s maximum.

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