Motivational Quotes

It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys. –Emil Zatopek

As a suffer of chronic pain I know that it is often hard to see the good side of pain. But as anyone who works out a lot knows there can be a good side. The right amount of pain helps you to grow muscles, and those muscles help you to eat food that others can’t eat without nasty side effects like weight gain. Emotional pain has some good side effects too. Think about the last time you were really thirsty, work all day in the hot sun thirsty. When you are that thirsty anything you drink taste ten times more wonderful then normal. You truly appreciate every drop. But if you had an unlimited supply of it every day that same drink would just be OK. When you experience loss in your life know that someday your loss will be replaced one day by something or someone if not here in Heaven and because of your loss the replacement will ten times more appreciated!